When a loved one passes away, there is a myriad of arrangements that need to be made. One of the most prudent arrangements is selecting an appropriate cemetery monument for them. What most people do not realize is that there is an array of options to choose from. Your decision would ultimately be based on how you would like to commemorate your loved one, your budget as well as the requirements of the cemetery you have chosen to lay your loved one to rest. Here are some of the various types of cemetery monuments that you should consider.


Gravestones are the most common option that people will select due to how versatile they are. Additionally, gravestones tend to fit within the requirements of most cemeteries thus making them a convenient option. When you opt for a gravestone, you have to make a choice between varying colours and shapes. If you would like to incorporate customized etchings, photographs or artwork onto the gravestone, you should consider opting for one in a darker granite as this would make the etchings stand out.

Flush markers

Flush markers get their name from how they lay flush on the ground rather than being erected upright like their gravestone counterparts. They are typically made from either stone such as granite or metal such as bronze Flush markers are ideal if you would like a discreet cemetery monument for your loved one. They typically have brief information about the deceased, a quote, or some other type of customizable wording engraved into them. If you would like a cemetery monument that is smaller than a gravestone but larger than a flush marker, then you could consider slant memorial. These markers are slightly raised at the top and slant downward hence giving them a slightly more prominent appearance as compared to flush markers.

Raised monuments

These are much bigger than headstones or flush markers. They are prominent and make it easy to identify your loved one's final resting place. However, some cemeteries may have strict restrictions in place about the use of raised monuments due to space concerns. As such, these raised monuments are better off if you are burying your loved one at a private memorial site or in a large mausoleum that will have adequate room for them. Raised monuments are ideal if you are looking to incorporate a sculpture in the cemetery monument. They are highly customizable, however. This is what makes them one of the more expensive options.