A memorial video is something that acts as a celebration of your loved one's life. It is a moving tribute that you can play at the funeral or the funeral home before the service. If you've taken responsibility for arranging a funeral for a loved one, you may feel that you have a mountain of work on your shoulders. There are so many things to think about; it can be hard to find a moment to reflect on the one you've lost and the grief you feel. Creating a video of your family member is a great opportunity to spend time thinking about them and remembering good times. Going through old photos and video can be cathartic. This guide should help you make some decisions about your video so it represents your loved one's life well.

What Software Do You Need?

Any video editing software can be used to create a slideshow. There are many free video editing software packages online with a variety of features attached. Read some reviews and download a few to try out.

What Photos Should You Choose?

When you ask family members for photos of your loved one, you may be overwhelmed by the amount they provide. It can be hard to know what to include and what to leave out. Creating a narrative so that you're telling a story of the life of your family member can help you to select the right photos. Ask questions about what the happiest times of their life were. Find out what things that made them proud, and what made them laugh. This will help you choose photos that represent who they were and their passions. Structuring the images in chronological order will make the video into a walkthrough of  their life.

Consider Adding More than just photos

Consider adding more than just photos to your video. You can add mementos like tickets and awards as well as any video footage you have.

Use Captions to Add Dimension

You don't need to narrate the entire video with captions, but for some photos, captions can work well to give meaning to what people are looking at. For example, a caption would work well for a photo of your loved one looking at something that the viewer can't see -- maybe they're watching their child's first sporting event.

Choose the Right Music

Choose music that meant something to your loved one but think about pace too. If they liked several songs that you'd like to include, you can use your software to fade music in and out. Order the songs so that they fit the narrative and pace of the video.

Consider Giving out Copies

While the objective is to show the video at the funeral, it could also be used as a nice memento to give to other family members. Consider making copies that can be taken home.