Video memorials are a powerful way of remembering a deceased relative or friend at their funeral service, and many funeral directors now offer such a service. Here are some ideas on how a video could be used at your loved one's funeral.

Use videos to record funeral guests' memories

Funerals often see family members and friends gathering from far and wide, often for the first time in months or even years. Everyone seems to have their own treasured memories and fond stories about the deceased, so why not ask the funeral director to record them in a special memorial video? 

You could ask for a special video recording area to be set aside in a separate room at the funeral home where friends and family can be invited to share their favourite recollections of the deceased. The videos could be made while the viewing is taking place or after the funeral service and the clips later amalgamated into one memorial video for you and your family to keep.


If the deceased's family and friends are spread all over the country or even in different parts of the world, a video webcast of the funeral service could allow those who are unable to attend in person to be there remotely.

The funeral home could broadcast the funeral live over their website, enabling people to log on from their home computers and watch their loved one's funeral taking place in real time. This enables viewers to experience the same emotional healing and comfort as those who are there in person.

Memorial video tributes

Another way of celebrating memories of your deceased relative or friend at their funeral is by making a special memorial video prior to the event that can be shown during the service. You could use old photos and clips of video featuring the deceased that capture the person they were and record notable achievements during their life.

Ask others who knew the person for their contributions, and put together a montage on a DVD to be shown at the funeral service. A quick Google search will reveal free software programmes that allow you to simply drag and drop your content to create a file, which you can then burn to DVD. Why not make copies for all those attending the funeral so that they can keep these cherished memories?

In conclusion

Modern technology can be used to incorporate video memorial tributes into your loved one's funeral. Ask your funeral director or funeral home for details of how they could help to accommodate your ideas.