One of the decisions that you may have to make once a loved one passes on is which epitaph will be inscribed on the tombstone of that person. This article discusses some questions that may help you to choose the best epitaph for your loved one.

What Were His or Her Passions?

Epitaphs can be taken from every sphere of life. This abundance of options may cause you to fail to make a decision about the most appropriate epitaph for the deceased. One way to overcome this analysis-paralysis is to consider what passions the deceased had. For example, you may choose an epitaph connected to fishing if that individual was an avid angler. An example of an epitaph that you can choose for someone who was passionate about fishing is "Here Lies a Man That the Fish Will Miss Playing Hide and Seek With".

Did That Person Have Any Favourite Catchphrases?

Another way to select an appropriate epitaph for a loved one is to ask yourself whether that person had any catchphrases that all those who knew him or her remember. Such a catchphrase can be a heartwarming way to remember that person after he or she has passed on. For instance, if the person frequently said "No problem!" you can design an epitaph that states the number of years that the person lived followed by the catchphrase "no problem!". Anyone who sees the tombstone will instantly recall the numerous times that the deceased uttered that catchphrase.

Did The Person Love Certain Reading Passages?

You may also choose from one of the deceased's favourite reading passages that you know. The passage may be taken from a religious text, such as the Bible, or it can be taken from any literary work that the deceased cherished, such as the works of Shakespeare. Such a passage is likely to evoke fond memories among the surviving family members and friends.

How Do People Who Knew That Person Describe Him or Her?

Many people have a brief sentence that they can use to describe individuals that they know and love. Ask family members and friends to share how they would describe the deceased. Those descriptions may help you to formulate a fitting epitaph for your recently departed loved one.

As you formulate the epitaph, keep in mind the size of the tombstone that has been selected. Ensure that the epitaph will not make the tombstone to appear crowded with too much text. Talk to a funeral director like Caring Funerals about how you can pick an epitaph in case you are still unsure about the suitability of the one that you have chosen.