For many people who pass away today, their funeral is the result of other people's wishes rather than their own. This is something that can easily be avoided with the help of funeral pre-planning. Whilst you might not enjoy thinking about the details of your own funeral, you will definitely enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having everything planned in advance. Here are three reasons that planning your funeral in advance is a good idea. 

1. Your Family Doesn't Bear the Burden

One of the biggest advantages of planning your funeral in advance is that you'll remove that burden from your family. When a loved one passes away, dealing with funeral planning can be both depressing and overwhelming to the grieving family. By pre-planning your funeral, all of the decisions are made and your family will be able to work with the funeral home to put those decisions into action. It can be an enormous relief to your family to have this already done, and it's a true gift that you can give them.

2. The Costs Are Already Paid

When you plan a funeral in advance, you'll pay the costs at that time. This means that your funeral can be paid for many years before your passing. Having the funeral costs paid in advance can guard against inflation. Once you've paid the costs, you'll receive documentation of this for your loved ones to present to the funeral home in the future. Even if funeral costs double or triple by the time you pass away, your cost won't change -- it's already taken care of. This can leave more money behind for your other final expenses, for your loved ones, and for anything else that you designate it for.

3. The Funeral is Actually a Reflection of You and Your Life

Far too often, funerals end up seeming impersonal or even strangely unrelated to the person being honoured. This is quite often the result of others planning the funeral. Even your closest loved ones may not be aware of exactly what you'd like to happen at the funeral, and with pre-planning you don't have to worry about your final services being all wrong for you. 

When you pre-plan, you get to designate every detail, including: 

  • The urn or casket
  • The location for the service
  • Whether there are speakers at the service
  • The size of the funeral 
  • Whether the funeral is family only or is open to the public
  • Who officiates the service
  • What type of music is played at the service
  • Whether there is a visitation before the service

You can be as detailed and specific as you like whilst planning your funeral, and this is an excellent idea because it leaves nothing to chance. By pre-planning, you'll be giving a special gift not only to yourself but also to everyone who loves you. Contact your local funeral services provider to talk about planning your funeral in advance now.