The death of a loved one is undeniably a difficult time. And if the death was sudden, you can feel increasingly overwhelmed with the range of challenging decisions that you have to make, more so if the funeral is entrusted to you. If your loved one's last wishes stated they would rather their remains be cremated than buried, you still have to arrange for their send-off. A misassumption that some people have, especially if they have never been tasked with arranging a funeral before, is that the cremation process simply entails hiring a reputable funeral home and receiving an urn once the body has been cremated. The reality is that cremation services offer you various alternatives depending on your family's wishes. This piece lists a couple of options that you can deliberate on once you have decided to enlist cremation services.

A complete cremation service

This type of cremation service will be a more familiar option, particularly if you have arranged or attended a traditional funeral service. Similar to a conventional funeral, you have the option of having family and friends view the body of the deceased. Hence, you can opt to have the body embalmed if you need additional time to plan the funeral service. However, instead of purchasing a casket, you can choose to utilise the cremation casket or rent a fancier solution for viewing purposes. After the viewing, the body is then transported to the cremation chamber and the remains collected for the family. You can then choose to have a burial service for the remains, scatter them at a preferred location or have them in an urn for safekeeping for the long term.

An immediate cremation service

As the name suggests, this type of cremation service entails the prompt deposition of the deceased's body. This option could be ideal for individuals that are facing financial constraints, as they may not have the funds to keep the body at the funeral home for a prolonged of time. In this scenario, close family members can view the body but this would have to happen as soon as possible, typically the same day, since this type of cremation service is fast-tracked. Nonetheless, once the cremation is complete, you then have the flexibility to plan a memorial service for a time that is convenient for you down the road rather than shortly after the death of your loved one. If the deceased did not have any close relationships and you happen to be their only living kin, an immediate cremation service may be a suitable solution for you.