Most people know very little about the cremation process, which often leads to reliance on misconceptions when making critical decisions. It is the reason you must pose as many questions as possible to a crematorium funeral director. Regrettably, most people only ask basic questions about cost, payment options, witness viewing, identification maintenance and the duration of the cremation process. Besides these common questions, there are far more interesting things to ask a cremation funeral director

What Can You Do With the Cremains? 

Most people believe that the only thing you can do with cremation remains is store them at home in an urn or scatter the ashes. The long-held belief that you can do nothing interesting with cremation remains makes people settle for the two options. However, cremation funeral directors know that you can do much more with a loved one's cremains. For instance, some service providers can turn the remains into a diamond stone to wear on a necklace or ring. Others can put the remains in small but specially designed urns that resemble jewellery. All you have to do is ask a cremation director, and you will be surprised at the options available regarding what you can do with cremains.

Can they Customise a Funeral Service? 

Another common misconception regarding cremation is that the absence of a body negates the need for a funeral service. It can be attributed to the fact that many people choose cremation because of the high cost of traditional burials. To this cohort, the absence of a conventional burial automatically excludes a funeral service; therefore, they do not bother asking a funeral director about it. However, you can still have a funeral service before or after a cremation exercise. In fact, most modern cremation services can go the extra mile and personalise a funeral service based on your customisation requests. Therefore, engage a cremation funeral director and ask them to personalise a funeral service before or after cremation.

Do They Broadcast the Cremation Process? 

When a loved one passes on, the family needs all the support they can get from friends and relatives. However, the reality is that not everyone will attend a cremation service for one reason or another. You can record the cremation process and send the recording to relatives and friends who missed the service. However, real-time presence is considered much better than watching a recording. It is the reason you should ask a funeral director whether they can broadcast the cremation process online. The service allows absent relatives and friends to join a family during the cremation process.