Planning a funeral service can induce a lot of emotions. It's an excellent opportunity to gain closure, but there's also a lot to organise. Many people choose cremation rather than burial. If you're planning a cremation service, here's what you may want to include. 

Choosing Who to Lead the Service

Once you're aware that you're planning a cremation, you'll need to decide who leads the service. If you're religious, this could mean a religious leader from your community. It may help to meet with them before the funeral so you can decide how you'll celebrate your loved one's life and what you want them to discuss. If you're not religious, a civil celebrant or humanist leader may feel like the most appropriate option. Again, you may want to meet with them to discuss how the service will work. Some people also choose to lead the service themselves, or they ask friends and family to help.

Finding Appropriate Readings

Readings can form a big part of a cremation service. If you're choosing a religious service, then there may be readings that are commonly used when someone from that religion dies. Otherwise, poems and short stories can form a big part of the service. Some people prefer to ask individuals to read out stories about their loved one, as it's a unique way to celebrate their life rather than just using poems. If you do ask others to read out stories, make sure there's enough time in the service and that they're appropriate for everyone attending to hear.

Selecting Songs

Songs and hymns can help you feel upbeat and are an excellent way to celebrate your loved one's life. Many services include an opening song and one that plays as the casket is removed ahead of the cremation. You may also want to choose one or two songs for the intermediary period. Alongside considering those that the deceased loved, focus on those that are easy for others to join in with.

Flowers Vs Charity Donations

While many people love the sight of flowers at a funeral, they don't always appreciate the cost that goes into them. If you fall into that category, you may want to ask the attendees to make a charity donation in your loved one's name instead. You can ask them to either do so ahead of the funeral or by contributing to a collection during the cremation service. It's an excellent way to commemorate your loved one and find a sense of purpose in their passing.

Talk to a local funeral home to learn more about cremations.